Antelopes - gazelles



Cape elan. Tanzania


Greater Kudu. Botswana


Wildebeests. South Africa


Impala. Tanzania


A pair of Topis. Kenya


Sable antelope. Botswana


Springbok. Namibia


A Stembok: 15 Kg!. South Africa.


Dik-Dik the smallest antelope. Botswana


Bubal. Botswana


Lechwee. Botswana

Africa shelters a great number of species of antelopes, their size spanning between from that of a rabbit (dik-dik) to that of a draught horse. All are herbivorous and generally move in many herds. With the zebras they constitute the base of the food of large predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs, and also certain large eagles.

The Cape Eland measures 1,75 m and can weigh up to 900 kg. It as massive as an ox and lives in the open plains and savanna. The Cape Eland is gregarious and lives in groups of 20 to 50 animals, but sometimes much more. In spite of their heaviness, they can jump up to 2.40 meters in height. They can be seen in East and Southern Africa.

The Wildebeest, contrary to its appearances, is an antelope 135 cm high and weighing about  250 kg. The wildebeest is typical of large plains of East Africa. In the dry season, immense herds of wildebeests leave the park of Serengeti in Tanzania to find pastures some hundred kilometers north in the reserve of Masai-Mara. During these migrations many wildebeest are killed by predators the crocodiles through Mara river.

The Topis are 110 cm high at shoulder, and weigh a hundred kg. Probably the most abundant antelope in Africa. They live in 50-100 animal herds and may form huge masses at the end of spring to find grass. They often eat short grass that has been left by other antelopes.

The Greater Kudu can weigh up to 320 kg; it likes the sparse forests close to water. It can be seen during the night and prefer to rest in the shade during the day. It can jump over fences up to 2 meters in height, and eats sheets and young growths of trees. Spread everywhere in East Africa and Southern Africa

The Sable Antelope measures 1,35 meter and can weigh up to 250 kg. It lives in wooded areas close to water and lives in herds from 10 to 30 animals. Very quarreler, it defends himself even against the lions which seldom attack it.

The Impala is a very gracious gazelle measuring 90 cm at shoulder, and weighing up to 80 kg. It lives in the clear savanna and forests and often in meadows close to water. The impalas are very gregarious; each male has a harem from 15 to 20 females, sometimes 100. The males fight violently in period of reproduction. Old males and young animals often form exclusively male herds.

The very gracious Springbok also measures approximately 80 cm, but weighs only 35 kg. Exclusive of South Africa and Namibia, it is the symbol of South Africa. Extremely gregarious the springboks form herds of 10 to several thousands of heads.

The Bubal Hartebeest is 130 cm heigh and weighs about 150 Kg. The male leads herds of 10-20 females and defends their territory watching at potential ennemies.