Botswana: Chobe and Okavango game parks




Henri Faure 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Running lion The lion is listening

 Roaring lion The end of the roaring

  The lioness is nursing family curbs This lioness answers her friends The lioness wake up and goes to find his friends

       Lions  One of the curbs also respond to the other lionesses The other curb shouts in turn

Victoria falls seen from cataract point Victoria falls seen by helicopter from Zimbabwe Victoria falls seen by helicopter from Zambia Victoria falls

Young crocodile at the water surface  Young crocodile

Lilacbreasted roller  Lilacbreasted roller

Hunting cheetah The cheetah is tired  

 Cheetahs  Just a little run to show you This cheetah climbed a ant-hill to see far away

Martial eagle waiting for its preys  Martial Eagle 

African fish eagle is waiting its prey  African fish eagle

Wild dog  Wild dog after lunch

The black jackal buzzard is seeing us  Jackal buzzard

  Ratel  Ratel searching its dinner

The saddlebilled stork has just caught a frog  Saddlebilled stork

      Otters  A pair of otters This otter is breathing out of water

African jacana  African jacana

   Elephants The mother elephant helps her sick curb The thirsty elephants are drinking

An African darter on a branch which ressembles it  African darter

   Greater Kudu  This Greater Kudu has put his horns in the mud

A fine pelican flight  Pelican flight

Roan antelope Magnificent roan antelope Roan antelope crossing the river

Redbilled hornbill A couple of southern yellowbilled hornbill A southern yellowbilled hornbill portrait  Hornbills

  Giraffes at the sunset  The girafe scarred by our vehicule rush in the sunset 

A green bee-eater  Bee-eater 

   Lechwe  A lechwe in its favorite environment


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