Kenya: Masai-Mara national reserve


Henri Faure 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Crocodiles  Crocodile Crocodiles on the river bank

Black rhino  Rhinoceros 

Young hippos This hippo is hiding

Hippos Hippos in the mara river The hippos are swimming in the river stream

A couple of marabous  Marabou portrait  Marabous

Vultures and their favourite food Landing vulture  Vultures

Giraffes  A pair of Masai giraffes Lovely young giraffe

Tawny eagle gliding Gliding Crowned eagle  Eagles

Impala  Impala looking the camera

A pair of Augur buzzards  Augur buzzards

Buffalo A smiling Buffalo

A couple of silverchcked hornbills  Silverchecked hornbills

Cape Eland    Cape Eland

the grey heron has just caught a fish  Grey heron

A lioness and her curb Two lion curbs Seduction 1

Lions  Seduction 2 Seduction 3 

The flamingoes of the lake Magadi  Flamingoes

Butterfliy  Butterfly

Spotted hyena  The spotted hyena escapes

Our friends show us how to ligh a fire without lighter  How to ligh a fire

Blackbacked jackal  This Jackal finds the meal too good to be let to vultures 

A masai family  Robert's family

Banded mongoose  A typical Masai mongoose 

Trekkers are drinking  Lost primates


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