Namibia: the coast desert and the Etosha park



Henri Faure 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

 Sesriem   Sesriem dunes Waves on a dune

Banded mongoose in Etosha  Banded Mongoose 

Wind granite alterations   The wind has digged plenty of small holes in the hard red granite rocks

Cape cross Sea-lions  Sea-lion

Rhinoceros  Big male bull Fight simulation

Chameleon in the Kaokoland  Chameleon

Elephants  Large male elephant After the water bath, a durst bath

Giant eagle owl  Giant eagle owl

Zebras  Drinking zebras

Magnificent Crimsonbreasted 
        shrike Crimsonbreasted shrike

Giraffes drinking  How giraffes can drink

Whitebacked mousebird  Whiteback mousebird

Springbok  Male springbok

A Southern masked weaver is making its nest  Southern masked weaver

Warthog  A male warthog after a good mud bath

Burchell's starling Longtailed starling  Starlings

Rock dassie Sun bath

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